Pete Billings
Industry stalwart with over 20 years of agency and freelance experience in graphic design and brand development with an international clientele including (but not exclusive to) consumer marketing and promotions, non-profit, sports and entertainment.

I'm Your Guide
Always looking to guide the client in the right direction to fulfill what's required at the point of need. By providing extra bandwidth to those looking for an experienced graphic design professional, I help companies and agencies in need of immediate creative talent.

This is How It's Done
Putting strategically designed deliverables in front of clients and partners alike that are on time and within budget is how I measure success and sustainability throughout my career. Consistently projecting insightful design principles into every project, no matter the capacity.

The Process
Listen intently to client objectives. Scope the intended audience. Determine what the appropriate message should be. Prescribe the medium. Make the visual story make sense.

Valued Partner, not a Supplier
Successful client relationships are when there is synergy between designer and client. Be the "team player" and while I'm at it, be a clutch performer. Take ownership of a project. Immerse one's self within the company's fabric and understand what makes them tick. Translate the experience to relevance and meaning to their audience.
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